DIY : Terrarium



DIY Terrarium

With snowcapped mountain tops and the snowline creeping down to our valley in Whistler it is a great time to bring some reminders of our lush BC forests into the store.

Terrariums in all shapes & sizes are all the rage these days. Whether it is to add a bit of the outside in your home or as a gift that will be sure to make someone smile, they are so easy to make and will keep on giving.  Terrariums are low maintenance and built properly will keep green & growing as the moisture they release will keep the plants thriving.

In just a few hours and a walk through the forest was all it took to create this terrarium. Supplies needed: A glass container which can be open or closed and of any size. Ideas range from clear glass Christmas balls to jars to cake stands or any decorative glass container. Filler of gravel or crushed rock, potting soil, moss, small plants and added decorative items.

First layer: crushed rock or gravel to create some drainage (enough to fill 1” deep)

Optional layer: a thin layer of activated charcoal which helps to keep the water fresh and prevent mold and mildew from building up

Second Layer: potting soil (1- 2” deep)

Third Layer: Moss- I choose a few different types but be sure to choose ones that have clean roots and do not show signs of rotting or decomposing underneath.

Fourth Layer: small plants- I choose ferns and small plants growing in the forest. But you can really use any plants.

Fifth Later- add dimension with special rocks, twigs, pinecones or figurines.

Lightly mist your terrarium for moisture, cover & enjoy!

Some tips to keep your terrarium  thriving:

Place your terrarium in indirect or filtered sunlight. (think about the forest when trying to find a good home)

For closed terrariums the moisture recycles and needs very little moisture to keep them growing .Do not overwater- once every three months should be ample. I use a spray bottle to lightly mist or an eyedropper is great for smaller containers. Cycles of condensation and evaporation are normal and what keep terrariums thriving. If you notice a lot of condensation building up, remove the lid for an hour to remove the excess moisture.

We love our new terrarium on our front counter- it is sure giving a lot of smiles! Enjoy!


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