Inspired By : Amsterdam

MHD_inspired by_amsterdam


Amsterdam is one of the most charming cities, best known for its stunning canals, 17th century architecture juxtaposed with modern work, a unique bike culture and the city’s laid back Dutch vibe. This city is full of culture and design with a vast range of style. Here we have featured a few pieces from our shop in Whistler, BC that could add a touch of Amsterdam to your home! Try mixing modern with classic design pieces and chrome with natural finishes.

Amsterdam inspired Benjamin Moore colour: Chalk White 2126-70, Winterwood 1486 + Midnight Dream 2129-10.

MHD_inspired by_amsterdam_AVIL


Inspiration Images: Tamara Kinney, 2012.

Product Images: 1. (De)composition Giclees by Kenneth Torrance, 2. Industrial pendant light, 3. Light wood bookcase, 4. Clear glass vase, 5. Metal wire base side table, 6. Wood and leather occasional chair, 7. Chrome camera, 8. Wire lattice stool, 9. Black ceramic vase.


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