Designer Picks: Claire’s ‘Let it Rain’

MHD_designer picks_claire_let it rain


Let it Rain

Spring forward and find peacefulness on the cloud covered days, which are present. Frequent showers will surely have you seeing green with lush new growth on treetops and forest floors. Bright coloured flowers slowly rise up and refresh our everyday surrounds. With dramatic shades of grey as a natural, neutral backdrop, add punches of colour to counter balance. Introducing reflective surfaces is a beautiful way to share sunshine between spaces. Embrace the calming sound of rain, falling by an open window and don’t fret the puddles or spring melt muck. The drips are easily contained in umbrella stands and mud left behind on a noteworthy doormat! Keep on smiling, as we welcome back the wildlife! It’s Spring for peat’s sake!

No. 1 Lounge with a book on the Barbara Chaise lounge

No. 2 Alpha mercury glass pendant

No. 3 Keifer glass dome and wood base terrarium

No. 4 Punches of colour to contrast the cloudy grey days of spring, Woman in Green painting

No. 5 Stainless steel rain chain

No. 6 Aluminum boot umbrella stand, a fun way to store and save your floor from puddles!

No. 7 Rubber tray mat to welcome guests into your home, even on muddy days

No. 8 Ofelia textile – great for toss cushions!

No. 9 Karen textile to upholster the Barbara Chaise lounge

No. 10 Tira long neck vase in purple – reminiscent of a rain drop

All products available at Mountain Home Decor in Whistler, BC!


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