Designer Picks : Jessica’s Enjoy the Flowers

MHD_designer picks_jessica_enjoy the flowers


Enjoy the Flowers

Relax, breathe and slow your pace. Leave your cynicism at the door and embrace your softer, romantic side. Oversized, bold floral elements are in season, showing up in large-scale wallpapers and lively fabrics. Don’t worry, these aren’t the same shiny, chintz patterns from the 80’s. These softer prints have a modern, graphic style and use a more refined colour pallet with fewer colours. While you can find many colour combinations to suit your space, sunset colours are particularly pleasing, pairing beautifully with softer botanical colours as well as darker, jewel toned accents. To pull the effect together without slipping back a few decades, combine your floral elements with a soft white background and some well-chosen vintage modern pieces.

Once you have created your beautiful oasis, all that’s left is to invite a few friends over some well-deserved beverages, and while you’re at it, why not treat yourself and have macaroons?!

Benjamin Moore Colour: Wild Flower 2090-40, Ivory White CC-130, Belladonna Lily 2093-40

Product Images: All available at Mountain Home Décor in Whistler 1. Flower Patterned Upholstery Fabric, 2. Tea Set- Milk & Sugar, 3. Vintage Wire Pendant, 4. Large Scale Floral Wallpaper, 5. Spray Ranunculus-Pink, 6. Bubble Carved Vase, 7. Desert Jumbo Burst Bloom-Pink,  8. Spire Round Canister, 9. Feather Lounge Chair.


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