Designer Picks : Claire’s Classic Modern

MHD_designer picks_claire_classic modern


Making it work: Classic modern

Over the years spaces fill up with hand me down classic furniture that we can’t bear to get rid of, whether it be because of the quality of workmanship or sentimental attachment.  At times we want to see change and introduce modern design, keeping current with the trends and expressing our taste for new and exciting patterns, textures and styles.  It is common for people to feel that they can’t apply modern accents and furniture to their existing traditional décor, but it can be done tactfully.

As we know, history repeats!  We can find classical patterns and styles in a more contemporary setting.  Why not try introducing a wallpaper with a modern take on tradition, such as the above paper from Joanne Fabric’s songbird collection.  Mix traditional ornamented furniture with solid, bold or modern printed fabrics.  Find lighting and accessories that take a fun turn on traditional design.  Don’t be scared to mix in modern elements in lighting or accents in your accessories.  Experiment with toss cushions! It is a fun and affordable way to play with texture, pattern and colour.

Benjamin Moore’s historical collection can help steer you in the right direction when choosing a more traditional palette. Here I have selected a colour palette that consists of new London burgundy HC-61 for walls, edgecomb gray HC-173 as a neutral and Louisburg green HC-113 for smaller accents such as toss cushions and throws and maybe within the details of an area rug where suitable.  The wallpaper could be hung on a feature wall, small or large to punch up the space and add some excitement to your decor!


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