DIY : Gold Leaf Place Cards

DIY_gold leaf place cards


DIY Gold Leaf Place Cards

Thanksgiving is a special time for celebrating friends & family!  I love the colours that autumn brings and using them to decorate our house over the holiday. This year I am adding a bit of metallic tone to our Thanksgiving table setting which will add a warm glitter among the autumn tones. To see the whole tablescape, check out Tamara’s Designer Picks : Thanksgiving Tablescape.

Supplies needed:

Various size & shapes of leaves and pine ones
Metallic paint-I chose to use spray paint but you could also use gold leaf paint or any metallic paint
Butcher paper or practice paper ( both types have a glossy backing so the paint will not seep through)
Black calligraphy pen or paint pen

Collect all your leaves the same day you are going to paint them. Otherwise the leaves either start curling or dry out and break easily.
Cover your table with practice paper, making sure the plastic (glossy)side is facing down. Lay out your leaves , covering the paper.
You could use some spray adhesive to hold down the leaves or otherwise I just held down each leaf as I sprayed it. Let dry and flip each leaf to coat each side.

When dry use your calligraphy pen to write your dinner guests name on a leaf.

As an extra bonus, your white paper is now a metallic leaf stenciled wrapping paper!! Enjoy & Happy Thanksgiving!


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