DIY Stained Wood Side Table

DIY_stained table


DIY Stained Wood Side Table

Finding the perfect piece of furniture isn’t always easy.  Look beyond the surface and think of re-finishing a piece with potential.

I needed a side table to fit in a corner beside my loveseat.  I found a square table that fit perfectly in the space, but not with my decor.  I loved the size, shape and inlay on the top of the side table, but the finish looked dated and drab.

For this project, you would need…
1 sanding sponge to smooth the final surface (with a rough and lighter grit)
a few pieces of sand paper
1 paint brush or rag to wipe the stain on
1 small bottle of white stain
1 small tin of a darker accent stain (different finish if you wish)
1 roll of painters tape
1 small angled foam brush for details & small spaces

First sand the table down, as close to natural wood as possible.  Wipe the table clean from any dust or dirt.  Tape off the square or whichever detail you want in another shade of stain.  Use the small foam brush to stain the darker detail, using the angled edges where necessary.  I used the Sanman prestigious grey stain.  Once dry, give the detail a second coat.
Once both coats of the detail are fully dry, tape over it for the first coat of the rest of the table, in this case I used the white Sanman water based stain.  Once that coat is dry, remove the tape and do a final coat over the entire table, including the darker detail.  Leave the tape on the darker detail if you want a sharper edge with more contrast.

Side note:  I chose a grey for the square detail on my side table, but since the wood underneath was dark, it turned a darker shade than intended.  I was pleasantly surprised by the finish and just stuck with it.  Sometimes it takes a bit of playing around to find the right colour of stain, as each type of wood will take the stain differently.  But the beauty of it all is the varying shades that come out from the grain of the woods.


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