DIY : Upholstered Memo Board

DIY_upholstered memo board


Upholstered Memo Board

Inspired by all the magazine articles to get organized, this easy DIY is a quick way to create a fun memo board for all your notes, pictures or inspirational cards.
Supplies needed:
– Corkboard
– Fabric piece larger than your corkboard, with a 3” allowance on each side
– Scissors
– Mod podge or alternatively you can use spray adhesive
– Disposable paintbrush
– Wallpaper Smoother
– Hot glue gun

First you want to iron out your fabric to get out all the creases. Lay your corkboard right side up and apply an even layer of Mod podge with your paint brush to the cork surfaces. Align your fabric over the corkboard making sure the fabric is straight and that you have 3” overlap on each side. Press the fabric to the cork . Working from the center out, use the wallpaper smoother to smooth out the fabric and get rid of any bubbles. Wait 15 minutes for it to dry. Then flip the corkboard over and fold and glue the excess fabric, making sure it is tight.
This easy decorative board was only ½ hour to make and will be sure to help me organize my day! This would also make a great gift for someone special for Valentine’s Day!

Benjamin Moore inspired colours:
OC-130 Cloud White
2127-20 Black Ink


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