DIY : Rustic Easter Centerpiece

DIY_rustic easter centerpiece


Rustic Easter Centerpiece

Supplies Needed:

Old Weathered Paint Pallet
Skill Saw or Saw
Antique Dresser Drawer Pulls/ Handles
Instant Rust activator by Modern Masters
Acid Resistant brush
8 potted mini daffodils


Find an old weathered Paint Pallet. As we own a paint store we have lots
stored out in the back. This one was buried in the dirt and needed to be
rebuilt to create our planter box.

Use skill saw to cut at the bottom of the first board of the pallet.

Use crowbar to pull off additional board to nail to the cut end to create
a base for the planter. And in our case we needed another piece to create
the other side of the planter.

Apply Instant rust activator with an acid resistant brush to the metal
drawer pulls and wait 15 minutes for it to react. Another coat can be
applied. Depending on the metal of your drawer pull it will create a
different patina. Ours were brass so the affect was a patina look, while
iron or steel would rust.

Drill holes for the drawer pulls and attach with screws to each end of the
planter, creating handles for the planter.

The pallet creates two boxes 3 3/8″ wide by 19″ long.

Insert 4 Mini potted daffodils into each side.

Fill holes with moss. I just grabbed some down by the river behind our store.

An easy project in less than an hour created a beautiful rustic Easter

Happy Easter from all of us at Mountain Home Décor!

Benjamin Moore inspired colours:

426 Fresh Grass
2021-30 Sunshine
OC-126 Easter Lily
HC-105 Rockport Gray


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