Designer Picks : Laura’s Relaxing Moroccan Decor

MHD_designer picks_laura_moroccan decor



While traveling is on the rise, the influences from different parts of the globe are being seen in the forefront in our home décor. It brings a different flair, exotic and romantic and memories, or for some a bit closer to their dream of travel one day.

Moroccan influences bring an exotic combination of vibrant colours, metallic accents, and ornate patterns. Their handcrafted mastery is seen with hand punched metal lighting, hand stitched leather poufs and blankets, to colourful dyes found in fabric and rugs and hand carved wooden furniture. The architectural influences are seen with arches & the trellis pattern found in furniture, mirrors, wallpaper and rugs. The modern look is to bring these elements in to accent your neutral space, just a few pieces of Morrocan influence will give you a cultural look.

For this Moroccan influenced bedroom, I chose purple & fuchsia as the accents to create a relaxing atmosphere. But bringing Morocco into your home can celebrate any colour -from vibrant orange, turquoise, greens, red, & yellow, all rich in hue will be sure to add a pop of culture to your home décor.

Benjamin Moore influenced colours:

2112-40 Stone

2071-10 Exotic Purple

2075-20 Mulberry

2153-30 Tapestry Gold

All products available at Mountain Home Decor in Whistler, BC.


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