Inspired By : The Dades Valley



This is one of my favourite photos taken on a trip last summer while on a desert trek through Morocco. We visited many small towns on our way to the Sahara Desert and our stop in the Dades Valley was inspiring. The valley was full of lush green foliage and after driving through miles and miles of terracotta coloured mountains, it was a beautiful sight to see. We met our guide in the field shown in the photograph and he walked us through, proudly showing us the variety of crops their town lives off of.

Seeing as this is such a meaningful photograph, it should be printed and hung in my home. This edition of Inspired By shows how to take a photograph and add decor pieces to your existing space to tie everything together and bring the photo to life.

What photo would you use as a feature in your home?

All products available at Mountain Home Decor in Whistler, BC. 1. Matte white dipped copper pots, 2. Hyacinth woven ottoman, 3. Soft wool throw, 4. Frosted blue glass angled vases, 5. Moroccan inspired white ceramic stool + 6. Watercolour dyed pillow.


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