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DIY : Rustic Easter Centerpiece

DIY_rustic easter centerpiece


Rustic Easter Centerpiece

Supplies Needed:

Old Weathered Paint Pallet
Skill Saw or Saw
Antique Dresser Drawer Pulls/ Handles
Instant Rust activator by Modern Masters
Acid Resistant brush
8 potted mini daffodils


Find an old weathered Paint Pallet. As we own a paint store we have lots
stored out in the back. This one was buried in the dirt and needed to be
rebuilt to create our planter box.

Use skill saw to cut at the bottom of the first board of the pallet.

Use crowbar to pull off additional board to nail to the cut end to create
a base for the planter. And in our case we needed another piece to create
the other side of the planter.

Apply Instant rust activator with an acid resistant brush to the metal
drawer pulls and wait 15 minutes for it to react. Another coat can be
applied. Depending on the metal of your drawer pull it will create a
different patina. Ours were brass so the affect was a patina look, while
iron or steel would rust.

Drill holes for the drawer pulls and attach with screws to each end of the
planter, creating handles for the planter.

The pallet creates two boxes 3 3/8″ wide by 19″ long.

Insert 4 Mini potted daffodils into each side.

Fill holes with moss. I just grabbed some down by the river behind our store.

An easy project in less than an hour created a beautiful rustic Easter

Happy Easter from all of us at Mountain Home Décor!

Benjamin Moore inspired colours:

426 Fresh Grass
2021-30 Sunshine
OC-126 Easter Lily
HC-105 Rockport Gray

Designer Picks : Claire’s Do You Have An Accent?

MHD_designer picks_claire_do you have an accent


Whistler, Canada is home to people from all corners of the map! Influenced by an array of unique cultural backgrounds, we can find a wild variety of food and drinks as well as experienced international cooks who keep the cuisine authentic! I encourage you to invite that same international flare into your interior! Bring in that warm sense of home or home as you remember it. Explore and introduce those fun punches of colour, variety of patterns, playful textures and interesting or symbolic shapes.   Reflect on visual memories of things like the lotus flowers in India and around Asia and geometric patterns which add life to the surfaces of Moroccan architecture. Try incorporating some traditional elements with a modern twist such as white and blue pottery which you may find variations of in Europe, commonly in the Netherlands! You can tastefully incorporate your personal cultural accents in both modern and traditionally designed interiors. Welcome cultures of the world in your home.

All products available at Mountain Home Decor in Whistler, BC.

DIY : Upholstered Memo Board

DIY_upholstered memo board


Upholstered Memo Board

Inspired by all the magazine articles to get organized, this easy DIY is a quick way to create a fun memo board for all your notes, pictures or inspirational cards.
Supplies needed:
– Corkboard
– Fabric piece larger than your corkboard, with a 3” allowance on each side
– Scissors
– Mod podge or alternatively you can use spray adhesive
– Disposable paintbrush
– Wallpaper Smoother
– Hot glue gun

First you want to iron out your fabric to get out all the creases. Lay your corkboard right side up and apply an even layer of Mod podge with your paint brush to the cork surfaces. Align your fabric over the corkboard making sure the fabric is straight and that you have 3” overlap on each side. Press the fabric to the cork . Working from the center out, use the wallpaper smoother to smooth out the fabric and get rid of any bubbles. Wait 15 minutes for it to dry. Then flip the corkboard over and fold and glue the excess fabric, making sure it is tight.
This easy decorative board was only ½ hour to make and will be sure to help me organize my day! This would also make a great gift for someone special for Valentine’s Day!

Benjamin Moore inspired colours:
OC-130 Cloud White
2127-20 Black Ink

DIY : Graphic Paint Splattered Gift Wrap

DIY_splatter wrap


Inspired by Kelly Wearstler’s paint splattered holiday gift wrap, this simple DIY creates the perfect graphic gift wrap for beautiful year-round wrapping.

Step 1: Gather a large drop cloth, black latex paint, a variety of paint brush sizes and white paper – preferably with one side having a plastic coating to prevent the paint from seeping through.

Step 2: Lay out the drop cloth in an area where you don’t mind if the paint splatters over the covered area. Next, lay out the full roll of paper for the fastest application – you may cut it down after drying.

Step 3: Use different sizes of paint brushes dipped in the black paint and go for it! You will quickly see that the movement and force you put into each splatter will create a variety of paint markings.

Step 4: Allow the paint to dry for 24 hours, just to be safe because some of the blobs may be quite thick.

Step 5: Roll up your new gift wrap and you’re ready to present beautiful graphic gifts to all of your loved ones.

Inspired By : Mallorca, Spain

MHD_inspired by_mallorca


The stunning island of Mallorca is located in the Mediterranean, just off the coast of Spain in the cluster of Balearic Islands. The crystal clear turquoise water, white sand beaches and quaint towns surrounding the island make this the perfect Spanish destination to lay back, relax and enjoy the scenery.

Try these Mallorca inspired Benjamin Moore colours: Cool Aqua 2056-40, Marine Blue 2059-10 + Barely There CSP-725.

Below we have featured a selection of our favourite home decor pieces from our shop in Whistler. Incorporate any or all of these to create the perfect Mallorca inspired interior in your home! 1. Glass pendants, 2. Faux greenery, 3. Brass hammered bowl, 4. White + wood leg plastic chair, 5. Black rectangular candle holders, 6. Black + grey chevron throw blanket, 7. Pebbles, 8. Silver coral decor, 9. Turquoise vase set, 10. Rustic wood dining table.



Inspiration photos taken by Tamara Kinney, 2014.

Spread of the Week : Jaclyn Lee

MHD_spread of the week_Jaclyn Lee


Graphic designer, Jaclyn Lee of Sincerely featured her classic Victorian flat on The Glitter Guide. The gorgeous details and impeccable light is what caught Jaclyn’s eye when she first walked through this home. The clean lines and classic detailing created the perfect bones for her shabby-chic decor style.

She has a unique look to her decor and styling, with lots of layering and pieces that tell a story. What do you think of Jaclyn Lee’s home?

Colour of the Month : Pomegranate



Benjamin Moore Pomegranate AF-295 is our Colour of the Month. This is the perfect shade of burgundy for the month of September and welcoming the fall season. This dramatic hue packs a punch when used in both small and large quantities.

As described by Benjamin Moore “As intriguing and complex as the ancient fruit, this richly hued shade of deep red has an orange undertone that adds vibrancy and decorative purpose.”

Try Pomegranate AF-295 on the walls in your dining room, for a romantic and warm space. How would you use this deep colour in your home?



Inspiration Images: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

Spread of the Week : Isobel Benesch

MHD_spread of the week_Isobel Benesch of Bel & Beau


Isobel Benesch of Bel & Beau featured her bright and cheery home on The Glitter Guide. Isobel plays with bright pops of colour and mixing unexpected patterns in her decor accessories. The common thread that ties everything together is a strong base of black and white in each space.

What do you think of Isobel Benesch’s colourful and kid-friendly home?