DIY : Rustic Flower Board

DIY_Rustic flower board


Rustic Flower Board

Inspired by Mother’s Day we created this quick and easy Rustic Flower Board. We coated our cedar board with two coats of the Benjamin Moore’s Arborcoat Transluscent stain silver gray and let dry. Next, measure your board to evenly place the jars, first marking your center point. Cut your metal strapping to allow enough to securely attach the jars. Using a drill or screwdriver start at one side and secure the strapping with a screw and wrap around each jar tightly and secure down the other side. Continue attaching all three jars. Flip the board to attach the D ring holders. Measure the screw placements 1 inch from the top and edge and screw into place. Use for fresh flowers, potted flowers or herbs!! Such a cute and easy project!!!

Supplies used:
Rough cedar board 1′ wide by 2 1/2′ long
Benjamin Moore Arborcoat WB Transluscent Silver Gray stain 623-70
Disposable paint brush
Can opener
3 Mason jars – clear or painted
Steel strapping 3/4″ three feet long
8 black screws
Pliers or wire cutters
Screwdriver or drill
2 d Ring hangers
9 flowers

BM inspired colours:
HC-173 edgecomb gray
2020-10 sparkling sun
CC-160 white rock
2012-20 flame

Happy Mother’s Day ! Enjoy!


DIY : Mason Jar Vases

DIY_mason jar vases


Try Benjamin Moore: Ice Milk CSP-1025, Burnt Ember CSP-120 + accent with Citron 2024-30. The vases are fresh flower friendly too!

– An assortment of mason jars (size is up to you!)
– An assortment of Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint in any colour you like. Aura will adhere to the glass and provide a durable finish all in one!
– Foam brushes
– 50 grit sandpaper or sanding sponge

Note: If Aura is not available to you, use the Stix primer to create a base that will adhere to the glass. Once the Stix is dry you can use whatever paint you like.

1. Paint two coats of aura on mason jars. We painted the outside of our jars to allow for clean glass on the inside to accommodate water for fresh flowers.
2. Once the two coats are dry, use a sanding sponge or 50 grit sandpaper to distress the finish.
3. Remove the centre portion from the metal lids and screw the other potion back on, this adds a little sparkle and finishes the top nicely.